017b Fallowland Masterplan

Año: 2009
Localización: Vienna
Tipo: planeamiento
Tamaño: XL
Superficie: 15000


Javier Yáñez (Arq), Vicente Iborra (Arq), Ivan Capdevila (Arq), MISCHEK GMBT (Arq)


Perfektastrasse Zoning.

Zoning at Perfektastrasse implies understand the city and how it works. We believe in cities and urban life. In terms of that planning should involve several aspects concerning the place and its context.
To talk properly of planning at Perfektastrasse, it is necessary to talk about 3 scales: M, L and XL.

XL. The city.
Outskirts are no longer understood like several and separate pieces of the urban pattern juxtaposed to the old city. Zoning plan would like to think this place, and their further possibilities, as a consistent and coherence piece of Vienna. That is its aim and scope. So from first steps, like planning, it is necessary outskirts lose this inborn quality and begin to build characteristics environments that reach to identify an urban mesh, and even to generate new urban centres in a different scale and quality. It is quite clear this area cannot be at the same importance level and compete with the city centre, but although plan assumes this condition, Perfektastrasse site can activate and implement a new rich and dense Vienna's city situation. In some way it consist on planting a life "seed" instead of continue consolidating outskirts as mainly city centre sleeping place. Thus zoning plan proposes and believes in Perfektastrasse area as a city creator, full of life and uses, in contraposition with a dormitory-town district. And even more, the strategic placement of this new city area, connected to the centre in just 10 minutes by U-ban, and the replicas relojes opportunity area that represents, gives the chance to constitute a new active actor playing at Vienna's life scene, and taking part as an dynamic piece. A new role for a new zone is presented.
So planning proposes a mix use program and park. The aim is to try to avoid only residential premises, and hopefully generate people attractions flows from surroundings and into. As a result park is understood as a social and public area activator, commercial premises as daily-necessities attractor and both two together with residential uses layer will create a whole and consistent package to create expected city-life urban structure.

L. The neighbourhood.
Site is a triangle-shaped area, with 3 quite different sides, but 4 fa├žades. Each one has a quite precise condition.
- South side faces to Perfektastrasse Road. This is the way down and up to the Uban station and current link to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Some shops are already placed on east side adjacent arcade building. On west side it is placed an elevated Uban station.
- West side site faces to Uban raised railway. Uban is placed in the top of a 7 meters high grass slope. This side brings noise and no views to site area.
- East side faces to a standard Viennese residential outskirt. Buildings reach site in a quite disjointed way, different sizes, heights and alignments. Nowadays this site side is disconnecting and interrupting neighbourhood flows.
- Sky is fourth fa├žade. A medium intensity power line configure site ceiling diagonal crossing site from northwest to southeast.
These four inputs arrange site in different zoning uses:
- Under power line it will be mainly placed a PARK. It will be complemented with some mix use where housing is not allowed.
- The rest of the site will be filled out with mix use program, recommending residential areas at quiet north area and more business and shopping facing to Perfektastrasse in the South.
- Some public pathways will guarantee and activate neighbourhood flows, aiming not only to connect, but also to introduce people and life inside the site, creating a new neighbourhood core around park.
M. The Site.
Site urban regulations respond to context. Mix uses are split into two different building environments which ones will try to understand and respond to site conditions:
a) Low rise. No interesting-possible views around, uban noise, Perfektastrasse road and power line impact suggest creating an insulated and protective area. So a ground floor and first floor level typology (building class 1) is proposed to generate a dense protective and introverted atmosphere. 85% footprint covered area is allowed and crest height is limited up to 1.65m over Uban railway level to allow views over project roof from Uban passengers.
b) High rise. In some areas planning allows to grow over uban height to offer the possibility of have glances to Vienna and their country fields. This will enable a nice and necessary connection Repliche Orologi Di Lusso between the city and the territory where it is settle. So plan sets building class 5 (=up to 26m high from ground level to top of the roof) and distribute it in four different areas spread along site to balance their urban and volumetric weight, and to avoid shadows from ones to the others and to neighbour buildings.
Consequently all site areas must work together. In terms of that site regulations are based on 2 main aspects: further project flexibility and the idea of considering final architecture design as an entity that colonizes entire site. In terms of that regulations try to minimize "power line park" cut impact by the Park boundary dematerialization and by deploying some areas to cross over the park with footbridges and suspended elements .

As a conclusion, Perfektastrasse Zoning Plan arises as a result of the superimposition of 3 context concepts (and 3 volumetric and conceptual scales), the City (XL), the Neigbourhood (L) and the site (M).

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