Año: 2017
Localización: Viena
Tipo: planeamiento
Tamaño: XL
Presupuesto: --
Superficie: 15000m2


Javier Yáñez (Arq), Beatriz Antón (Arq), Jose Miguel Asencio (Arq), Jaime San Simon (Arq col)


"the future is lost somewhere in the dumps of the non-historical past" Robert Smithson.
Over thousands of years, the anthropization of the Viennese territory has been at the heart of its incredible economic, cultural, social and urban development. In a first stage an extensive field exploitation system has been phagocytized the Viennese forests. Last 2 centuries the city growth began to gain ground at the expense of both natural fabrics.
We believe the new Industrial Area of Liesing (IAL) should face the future from its non-historical past also.
On one side we would like to bring back the old Liesing forests together with the fallow land traces. We have confidence that both nature and urban meshes can coexist in a new rich urban hybrid city-model. We would like to think about "evolution" instead of a "change of paradigm". So we would reckon to overlap onto current IAL its lost nature, together with a whole new range of productive, cultural, social and health layouts for the future city.
The existing IAL is based on a juxtaposition of industrial facilities and offices forming an amalgam of different scales and typologies. Liesing is moving into the growth of new business models, with new office premises, representing the sprouts of the incipient 4.0 Industry.
The project responds to this brand-new scenario, by the birth of a newborn urban typology that will put together former uses with new ones. We would like to recombine current and future typologies to create a new DNA code for the future IAL. This code will add to current ingredients (Production and Offices) a new range of components that we consider to be fundamental to turn Liesing into a truly lively, productive city. These new layers -Social, Commercial, Nature, Mobility and Health- will be added to existent ones and recombine through our genetic algorithm to produce the new "Liesing Valley" diversity of specimens.
The new "Liesing Valley" ecosystem is articulated from a continuous green public area that jumps over the productive roofs in order to activate and connect all the future uses. All in all, a new natural, healthful, social and cultural valley that aims to energize a vast range of synergies between different tenants T-shirt Custom.
"Liesing Valley": A new imaginary birth from Liesing's non-historical industrial past.

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